• Journal title: Choregia
  • ISSN: 1791-4027 (print) 2241-6323 (online)
  • Publisher: University of Peloponnese
  • Country of publisher: greece
  • Date added to EuroPub: 2017/May/15

Subject and more

  • LCC Subject Category: Sports and Recreation, Adapted Physical Activity,
  • Publisher's keywords: football, legal aspects of football players’ agents licensing, Piau Case, FIFA, European competition law
  • Language of fulltext: english
  • Full-text formats available: PDF


    Marios Papaloukas (LLM, PhD)| Department of Sport Management, University of Peloponnese




Sport entities have always tried to protect their autonomy from interventions. This status has been seriously put into question by the authorities of the European Communities and especially by the Court of the European Communities. One of the most recent cases, where sport authorities were confronted with European competition law, was the one involving players’ agents licenses. At present, the reader can find a summary of the famous «Piau Case» (C-171/2005) tackling problems such as whether private organisations like F.I.F.A., whose main statutory purpose is to promote football, have a rule-making power in the issuance of players’ agents licenses, taking into consideration that these rules do not have a sport-related purpose; regulate an economic activity that is peripheral to the sporting activity in question, and touch on fundamental freedoms.

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