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  • Country of publisher: iran, islamic republic of
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  • LCC Subject Category: Soil Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Toxicology, Epidemiology,
  • Publisher's keywords: Model, Soil, Water, Transport of shigella
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    S.N. Eluozo| Subaka Nigeria Limited Port Harcourt Rivers State of Nigeria.




Model establishment and calibration of porosity to monitor the effect of shigella migration to groundwater aquifer has been examined. These calibrations were to establish the model that will determine the influence of porosity at various depths on the migration influence of shigella in the study areas. Standard laboratory experiment was done to determine their various degree of porosity. The figures presented established the highest degree at 5 metres in Lateratic soil. Such result implies that the rate of porosity on fine and coarse formation will definitely increase the porosity rate more than what is deposited at 5 metres. The study from this dimension was able to establish a relationship between the porosity and the solute on the flow rate level on the soil, this were done through the definition of various variables and there roles in the transport of shigella on soil and water, the fluid pass through the pore space between the intercedes of the soil, so both parameters definitely has a relationship, and such relationship influence the transport of shigella in the study area.

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