• Journal title: Scientific Journal of Review
  • ISSN: 2322-2433 (online)
  • Publisher: Sjournals
  • Country of publisher: iran, islamic republic of
  • Date added to EuroPub: 2017/Feb/19

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  • LCC Subject Category: Biological Sciences, Computer and Information Science, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics,
  • Publisher's keywords: Artificial neural networks, Soft computing, Artificial intelligence, Foodstuffs, Review
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    S. Goyal, G.K. Goyal




This paper provides a critical review of literature concerning the artificial neural networks (ANN) in foodstuffs. The main aim is to provide background information, motivation for applications and an exposition to the methodologies employed in the development of ANN techniques in foodstuffs. This review includes that all the latest works on the application of ANN to foodstuffs which have been reported excellently with positive and encouraging results. This review paper highlights the methodologies and algorithms employed for ANN models suitable for various foodstuffs, viz., avocados, tomatoes, cherries, grape, mosambi juice, apple juice, chicken nuggets, pistachio nuts, potato chips, kalakand, cakes, processed cheese, butter, milk and other foodstuffs. This review paper would be very beneficial for those working in food industry, academicians, students, researchers, scientists, factories manufacturing the food products and regulatory authorities, as it provides comprehensive latest information.

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