• Journal title: Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation
  • ISSN: 1409-6099 (print) 1857-663X (online)
  • Publisher: Faculty of Philosophy, Institute of Special Education and Rehabilitation
  • Country of publisher: macedonia, the former yugoslav republic of
  • Date added to EuroPub: 2017/May/14

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  • LCC Subject Category: Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychology,
  • Publisher's keywords: null
  • Language of fulltext: english, macedonian
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There are a lot of reasons for the appearance of developmental difficulties in children, but as the most important that provoke changes in the regulating mechanism are before all nervous and endocrene. That’s because all the information that the organisms get from the environment and adequatly correspond to them are gained throughout the nervous system, at the same time the products of the endocrine glands being involved. That’s why, if there are some disorders in the production of certain hormones or the transmission of senses especially in the CNS, the answer and the reactions of the organism at the reguired senses will be inadequate. That is nevertheless as a result of the content of the materials in the CNS that take part directly in the transmission of senses.

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