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Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation

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y: 2017 n: 1

Authors: Chun-Han CHIANG| Department of Special Education, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan, I-Chen CHEN| Department of Special Education, National Ta...

This study explored the fundamental auditory processing of sound amplitude in Chinese children with both reading and language difficulties. Fifteen children with Chinese reading difficulties (RD), fifteen children with Chinese reading difficulties and specific language impairments (RD-SLI), and sixteen age-matched controls (CA) were recruited from local primary schools in Taiwan. The three groups were compared specifically on phonological awareness and auditory amplitude onset discrimination. Our preliminary results confirmed that age-matched controls performed significantly better on all of the phonological and auditory measurements, compared to both groups of children with RD. Children with RD-SLI performed significantly worse than children with RD in Chinese character recognition. Also Chinese children with RD-SLI were found to be poorer in phonological performance and to be more insensitive to complex sound amplitude onset, compared with Chinese children with RD. We concluded that poor auditory discrimination of sound amplitude onset might be fundamental to characterize Chinese children with reading difficulties and language impairments.

Keywords: Reading Difficulties (RD), Specific Language Impairments (SLI), Phonological Processing, Auditory Amplitude Perception, Chinese character recognition, Chinese Mandarin

y: 2017 n: 1

Authors: Haris MEMIŠEVIC| Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Sarajevo Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Given the increased pressure on educational system in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to fully embrace inclusive education and to provide appropriate supports to all students, there was a need for establishing a new department of Education and Rehabilitation in BiH. Thus, the Faculty of the Educational Sciences at the University of Sarajevo initiated and made a feasibility study on the need for establishing the new department. The feasibility study was then approved by the Government and Assembly of the Sarajevo Canton. To date, there were only two such departments at the state Universities in BiH, one in Tuzla (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina) and one in Fo?a (Republic of Srpska). This will be the third, state-supported, department for educating experts in the field of special education and rehabilitation of children with developmental disabilities.

Keywords: null

y: 2016 n: 1

Authors: Maja FILIPOVSKA| Faculty of Philosophy, Institute for special education and rehabilitation – Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

On December 2nd 2016 in the main amphitheater at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje, was held the celebration of December 3rd, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, in organization of the Institute of Special Education and Rehabilitation. The official part of the program was started with a speech by Goran Ajdinski, PhD, the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. The guests at the celebration were also greeted by the Rector of the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje, Nikola Jankulovski, PhD and the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of Republic of Macedonia, Frosina Tashevska-Remenski, PhD. After the speeches, which highlighted the current efforts and future commitment to inclusion and accessibility of persons with disabilities, two awards were presented by the Humanitarian foundation “Prof. d-r Ljupco Ajdinski”.

Keywords: null

y: 2017 n: 1

Authors: Blagoja GESHOSKI| Faculty of Philosophy, Institute for Special Education and Rehabilitation – Skopje, Macedonia

In special education and rehabilitation a large number of implemented researches on physical and motor development of children with disabilities have been targeted in comparison to development of standards for children with normal development. It is evident that the overall physical and motor development of children with disabilities is unfolding in various pace and it is achieving a different level compared to children with normal development. The theory and practice of special education and rehabilitation takes into account the specifics of the rhythm of physical development, that is predisposed to the biological development plans (regulated by internal factors), but differences in the pace and level of development of children with disabilities require a special research approach, interpretation and application of the results obtained.

Keywords: growth, development, children with disabilities, anthropometry, motor, elementary school

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